April 2013 - Eddie Carlin
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Meet Eddie Carlin
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Name: Edward Carlin

Age: 22

Previous/Current Occupation: Intern at U.S. Embassy in Paris, France; Writer

Church: St. Albert the Great in Austin

Major and classification: B.A. in International Studies/French, Class of 2012

Any passions/interests?: I love travelling, meeting people different from myself, learning foreign languages, and writing about my experiences in life. I dream of being a published author and am currently working on the first draft of a fantasy/steampunk novel set in a fictionalized version of Victorian England.

How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? When I was a sophomore at A&M, my friend and I listened to Abby Johnson speak at Rudder Auditorium about her conversion experience at the Planned Parenthood in Bryan. She said, "If you want to do something, go to the sidewalk." Ever since then, my friend and I became sidewalk counselors.

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): As I grew into adulthood, my faith and intellect began to intersect more and more, and what I had always taken for granted as a pro-life Catholic was no longer a mere religious issue but became more real and compelling as I began meeting people on the "other side" of the proverbial (and literal) fence during my time at college. My head had always been convinced of the horror of abortion as a procedure, but now, my heart is moved by the woundedness and need for compassion of those who have been touched by abortion.

Any additional thoughts (comments): As the epicenter of Abby's conversion story and a symbolic lynchpin for Planned Parenthood, I think that our clinic in Bryan can be a particularly discouraging battlefield, but I wanted to share a short story to encourage all of the wonderful field medics out in the trenches:

Praying on the sidewalk really helped me grow in my faith, but during my time in France after I graduated from A&M, I was blessed to experience the power of prayer in a special way. One Saturday afternoon (seven hours ahead of that same Saturday morning in Bryan, Texas), I was kneeling in prayer, praying for the Coalition and the people at the clinic back in Texas. Later, I learned from a friend at the Coalition that eight women did not show up for their pre-abortion ultrasound appointment at Planned Parenthood that day!


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