August 2012 - Robyn Romansky
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Meet Robyn Romansky
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Name: Robyn Romansky                    
Age: 33
Previous/Current Occupation: I am a former collegiate volleyball coach.  I still teach lessons and run my own volleyball camps part-time, which allow me to be home with my children, Michael, age 4 and Anna Clare, age 2, most of the year.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Major and classification: Way back in 2001, I majored in Kinesiology here at Texas A&M.
Any passions/interests?  My family!  I cherish the time I spend with my husband and children.  Of course, volleyball remains a source of professional satisfaction too.  I’ve recently found that I enjoy sewing, knitting, and crocheting items for my children.  I have also made time to assist with marriage preparation and some natural family planning coaching at St. Mary’s.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved?  After reading Abby Johnson’s book, Unplanned, I felt I could no longer stay uninvolved.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?):  I’m a cradle Catholic so that’s where it starts.  I take the Church’s teachings on life seriously—abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment. Being on the sidewalk is the best way I know to live out our Holy Father’s call to charity in truth.  It also stems from the pain I witnessed a close college friend go through as her then-boyfriend pushed her to have an abortion.  I did all I could at the time, even planning living arrangements so I could help her take care of the child, but sadly it was not enough.  I am determined to be the same kind of friend to my fellow women by being a face of kindness and a voice of love.  To let them know that there is a community of people here who want to help mothers create a new life for themselves and their child.

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