Give a memorial gift
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Give a memorial gift

You can send a very special memorial gift to mark the death of a loved one or to memorialize a child lost to abortion. A special note will be sent to the appropriate person informing them of your gift. At your discretion, the amount of the gift can be withheld. With your donation, you will also receive our quarterly newsletter and annual reviews.

You can now make a donation as an memorial gift online by clicking on one (or more) of the options below and then completing the "Checkout" process. (Be sure and enter the following information in the "Comments" section of the checkout page: 1) Name AND Address of the person who should receive the acknowledgment card, 2) Whether or not we should withhold the donation amount on the acknowledgment card):

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You may also mail your memorial gift of cash or check to:

Coalition for Life
4012 East 29th St.
Bryan, TX 77802

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